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I'm wondering how do I set up my DKIM for the SMTP server when I have the site located at a shared hosting company? The site is located at and regular mail (i.e. mail sent from outlook and thunderbird) is sent using the and I think * as the SMTP servers. Bulk (double opt-in) will come from from a software that is hosted at

I read instructions on setting it up if one hosts their own linux VPS or dedicated server but the mail domain is hosted at

Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
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The default domain keys should work fine, you can request your host to setup it for your account if its a shared hosting account.

They can issue below command on the server to achieve this :

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/domain_keys_installer CPANELUSER

where CPANELUSER will be the cPanel user for your account.
Victor KimuraSEO, Web Developer


Hi RizyDeWino,

1) I read that DKIM is the newer format which was formed from Domain Keys. So the article was suggesting I implement DKIM. Should I not implement DKIM?

2) How do I set up the SPF record for I was directed to this page from the google site:

Here is the Google page:


Here is the scenario:
Regular email SMTP - will be sending out email from and I believe one of the email servers from (which I think is These email servers are for sending out regular email.

Bulk (double opt-in) email SMTP - As for bulk emails, I'm thinking of using Unless you know of a better, less expensive, more reliable one.

Site where email program is hosted at - The site is the site that is hosting the email program only so I suppose I won't be including it in the SPF record or the SendID for Microsoft.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciated it. =)
Hi ,

Yes you are right the DKIM is more advance version of Domainkeys with some additional features. DomainKeys was initially started by Yahoo and mainly remained there , where is DKIM is more advance/open implementation used by other vendors including gmail.

cPanel do not support DKIM directly yet , from what I read it will be available in 11.32 version of cPanel , where they will also drop support for DomainKeys, 11.30 just paved its way to CURRENT and EDGE release trees , so I guess 11.32 is also not very far.

Having said that there are indirect ways of still implementing DKIM on cPanel servers,  check below two links which explain on how this can be done :

But do note that as its not directly supported by cPanel yet, so a custom solution would not be supported by cPanel in terms of providing support.

The spf record can be set using the cPanel script syntax below :

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/spf_installer CPANELUSER

If the DNS is setup correctly on the server , it should setup the correct one.

Or you going to setup it manually then after confirming the setup from Bluhost ( they should be able to tell according to the exact setup they have ) you can use the ones under " If you run BIND " section at

Victor KimuraSEO, Web Developer


Thanks for the help. =)

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