extract number out of a sytle attribute

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Could someone help me with this? I want to get the number out of a style width rule, for instance

if I have

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I want to get that 120 . I have the string in my PHP code.

like this
$var = 'style = "width:120px" ';

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so basically what I want is to take this variable $var apply a regular expression to it ,  and the the 120 back


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$string = 'Hello, there are 29 messages waiting for you';
$number = preg_replace("/[^0-9]/", '', $string); // ditch anything that is not a number
That will strip anything that isn't 0-9
sorry i should rephrase my previous post. this will strip anything that isnt 0-9 per character comparison.

456456 would still be recognized.


It worked. Thanks.

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