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I wanted to know what are some of the more valuable subscriptions/magazines/websites for IT professionals?...more on the networking/Cisco/Microsoft side of jobs (Network Administrator'/Network Engineer roles)?
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You probably already know these, but anything to do with Microsoft, you should probably get a Technet Subscription.  Additionally, look at MSDN if you do any development whatsoever.  

While it doesn't get as much mention, I also find CustomerSource and Microsoft E-Learning to be incredible valuable.  There's a lot of crappy content there, but there's also some damned good ones.

Unlike a few years past, I find that for most areas now you should just look for the best blogs.  As more experts seek to increase the brand recognition of their names, you see amazing content that previously was behind paid walls, all out there in the open.  If you're curious about a specific Microsoft product and the best free or paid avenues, just say which ones and I'll try to drop you a few good places.



Please do list the "free" and paid avenues for this critical information.  Of course, EE does has some good stuff as well, but I sometimes also need aditional info as well.

Thanks for the good stuff.
What things exactly are you looking into?  There's literally thousands of places out there.  Are you looking specifically into Microsoft Server products?  Cisco information?  Things on getting certified?  Specific products from MS like CRM, Dynamics, Office, etc.?   You'll probably get a treasure trove of responses from people here if you give individual things you're interested in.


I'm looking at certification assistance, possibly getting ASA to work on GNS, VMcertification, downloads to CBT's, possible FREE training for MS / VMware, even where to get free magazine subscriptions online, free utility tools...
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I have some subscription recommendations on my Technician Tool Kit page - see

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