Macola cannot open any modules

mwhain used Ask the Experts™
Server Windows 2000
SQL 2000
Macola 7.6

Suddenly on Friday users can logon to PWE but no one can open any module.

No antivirus or firewall on the server.
Nothing changed on the server that I know of..
It stopped working overnight. Last user out was at 7:30 PM and the next morning no one could open modules.
Only thing interesting in the logs was that the C drive was low on space. It was at 490MB. I ran ccleaner and deleted 3 GB of old temp files and memory dumps from the drive but it didn't help.

Any ideas?
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Solved it by restoring a backup I found of the macsql folder FYI


No other comments and I managed to solve it myself. It is a correct answer and I would like it in the database should I forget the resolution and it happens again down the road.

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