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I have a website that I am building in Wordpress.  I am looking for the plugin that is used on the Wordpress Plugins page.

If you are in your WP admin page and you do a search for new plaugins and you will get a list of plugins that reflect your search term.  When you click on "Details" for a plugin, a Lightbox like page pops up and that page has menu choices on it.  What is that plugin?

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That's not a plugin per se.  That's hardcoded into the WordPress admin pages.

What it most closely resembles is a javascript-based lightbox (like Shadowbox: http://www.shadowbox-js.com/) that references WordPress.org via an iframe and has a lot of extra special coding to allow for the plugin to download and install.  

What are you trying to accomplish with your site?  Knowing that helps us suggest a plugin for you.


I want a plugin that works like the wordpress "details"  Say you have a page with a list of employees, a thumbnail and a short description.  You click on the employee, that shadowbox page opens and you have a new page with menu choices on it, about that person
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But the lists themselves are things you would be placing on the page?  Or is the plugin expected to generate the list, the detail coding, and the code for the modal overlay?

You can do it in an iframe with jQuery thickbox


I don't know about finding it already coded in a plugin, though.

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