Can I get a MacBook Pro?

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I currently own a 5+ old Inspiron 9300.  I want to get a new computer, and like the idea of running mac + windows.

The only windows programs I need to run is Access 2010 (all of office probably), and Visual Studio 2008 or 2010, SQL Server for developing.

Everything else I want to do on the mac.  I know there is parrells and vm ware fusion.

My question, will I have any problems.  Using parrells or vm ware fusion, can I just switch to do development, and go back and forth between the windows and mac OS?  If I only surf the web on the mac side, I assume I dont need any antivirus software, etc on the windows?

My budget it $3k, so money is not an issue I think....

Thanks for any insight....
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I think you can do what you want ... but you'll want an SSD drive which will cost quite a bit if you get one big enough to store everything. You don't need virus software on Windows 7 if it is host or guest. Just make sure you configure it to use LUA + SRP security. WMWare is very nice so I would go that route with software. Windows 7 likes at least 2GB ram so I would get at least 8GB.


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