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I have created this I wish to receive mails through the website's contact form. I have created an account with google apps and tried to configure outlook as told but it keeps asking for username and password.

Also, how do I  make those buttons on the web page send mails.

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On the Contact form, you would need a script in the background that processes the mail.  This can be a very small php send mail script.  If your host allows you to send mail through their servers, you point it to there.  If you want to go through your Google Account, you put those credentials in.

As far as Outlook goes, if it keeps asking you for the username and password, it isn't authenticating properly.  Make sure you're using the right method (POP3, etc.) that Google has in its directions.


Ok I am going to do it through this google apps account.So i have those textboxes and a button My host allows php scripting. What php script should i use with the textboxes and the button?(with the google account)

In the google app account I have created a username and a password. Then i have tried configuring outlook...with username=(the google app username) and password="the google app password"  ("" and password as "bictr1234") I have passed the captcha test.

Incoming mail
smtp(out going mail server)

port numbers:


ssl at both the check boxes

sorry for any ignorance and thank you for replying

Real quick, if that's your actual login information, immediately request moderator attention and remove that.  You don't want it pasted in the open here.
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ok thank you.. i will


ok I am receiving emails now but i am not able to send any.All messages come back to my inbox as undeliverable.what do i do?

ps: I had another account in my outlook which was why it was asking for username and password

thank you

You might be able to make this easier for yourself by just using a company that allows you to create a "Contact us" form for your website and they handle all the mail.  The free accounts have limitations on the number of messages that can be handled in a month, so if you expect a fair amount of use from your contact form then you would have to pay for one of the services.

I have used JotForm and I know web developers who use that one and others:

Hopefully this gives you an alternative option to consider.


I would say that such a web form creation site is ideal for those with non-corporate websites or small businesses where you don't have the money to pay for a professional web developer to create PHP content, and where contact messages do not contain highly confidential, financial, or private information.

If you just want an email contact form on a page and nothing fancy like a payment page, then all you do is create an account, create a new project on the form builder site, and save it often while you are creating it.  There will be an option to add what email addres(ses) you want to receive the contact messages.  When done, you just go to the option that allows you to get the code to insert in your page.

Video here:

Using this type of "hosted" contact form you should (if the company is a reputable one) be able to log into your profile and manage messages

What you need to remember about using one of these form builder companies to handle the messages is that if their server crashes, then your form will not work.  Usually there are two ways to show the form on your page.  The first is with a simple one-line bit of code that calls everything from their server.  The other is with the "full code", where you insert that and the form is loaded from your own web server.  You never get complete control though, and even if the form shows from your local code, it would not function if their server was down.

Another option is to buy your own "Web Form Building" application so that you can create your own custom forms (usually from templates) to upload to your own web server so that everything remains in your control.  I have used this one which is very reasonably priced:
Thank you akulkarni1234

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