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Hi all,

I am using JQuery Mobile DateBox plugin and it works fine.

It has a button that opens a popup which shows the calendar.

I need to create a link that will do the same thing as it's button.

Does anyone have any idea on how to do this please?

Here is a link to the demo page

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Line 384 of

		var openbutton = $('<b>Test<\/b>')
			.click(function (e) {
				if ( !o.disabled ) {;					
			.css({'vertical-align': 'middle', 'float': 'right'});

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Removed: .buttonMarkup({icon: 'grid', iconpos: 'notext', corners:true, shadow:true}) from after .appendTo(focusedEl).

That section inserts the button / icon. Put whatever you want in the $('<b>...<\/b>') part, but it must be a tag (not plain text).


So, how could I create a link that opens the calendar (does the same as that button) please?

The link can only ever be contained in the <div> that is created when .datebox() is run against an input. To change the way the link/button/icon displays inside the <div> that is generated, change line 384 to read
var openbutton = $('<a href=\'#\'>link you want to show<\/a>')

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then remove
.buttonMarkup({icon: 'grid', iconpos: 'notext', corners:true, shadow:true})

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from line...392.
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Sorry, for not explaining myself properly, what I mean is. Is it possible (without changing the JS file), to add my own extra link in the page that would open that popup too?

You can, but you would need to create a section of javascript anyway. The link's called function references parent objects, meaning the link needs to be contained in the <div> tag that the JS creates. You would need to create a listener, and then create your own link.

Your link MUST BE contained in the <div> that is created. You cannot have a link elsewhere on the page.


Thanks a lot.

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