Server 03 STD new DC from 2000

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Hello ,

i have a PDC that is a 2000 machine and i want to decommission this thing. i have a 03 standard server i would like to make the new PDC i need to know if im missing something

so far i have

ran dc promo on the 03 server making it a DC
took the following roles
-global catalog
-shema admin
-rid master
-PDC Emulator
-Infrastructure Master

i used this site -

anything else i need to do i do not want to use this 2000 server anymore

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Just make sure that all references to the old (P)DC are not present in the metadata on the 2003 server, and you should be good to go.   This assumes you've taken care of any ancillary things the old 2000 server was doing, such as DHCP scopes, hosting printers, etc.

Additionally, you to need to make sure you have the Active Directory, or however you were controlling other domain computer info, and all users moved.  I should have mentioned that, but I was assuming you had probably already taken care of that since you knew about transferring FSMO roles. :)
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Here is a full guide.

Make sure you go through all the steps

Before demotion run dcdiag or netdiag to check health of DC.
Not sure if you just mis-typed, but there should be 5 FSMO roles to transfer.  You only listed 4.

as the others said, recheck all of the steps you need to do again.

I also like to let it run a day or two (minimum) and reboot everything at least 1 time before removing the old DC

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