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SBS 2011: Session "WBCommandletInBuiltTracing" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035

I'm getting this error message every 30 seconds on a brand new SBS 2011 machine.

MS SBS 2011 Release docs says...

"The error ‘Session "WBCommandletInBuiltTracing" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035’ appears in Network Reports
This is a Windows Kernel-EventTracing error that appears each day in the Server Event logs section of the Network Report.

You can safely ignore this error. The server is functioning correctly.

but it's swamping my logs.

Anyone know how to suppress this error?
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Have you set up your SBS Backup with the destination drives and schedule yet?

Once the backup is set up and has been running the messages may slow down some.

Verify that there are no out of the ordinary VSS errors. There are a couple that are also in that doc to ignore though.

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Yes, it's all set up. There's a bunch of other intermittent errors but they're all on the 'safely ignore' list
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I would like to ignore it but it's literary taking up 99% of the entries in my logs. I'm having difficulties spotting legitimate errors amongst pages and pages of this error.
You can apply a filter to the Windows Event Logs to remove the chaff.

Most of our servers throw the chaff codes once in a while. Having them throw the code to the point where the logs are full is not in our experience across many servers.

Unfortunately, until someone figures out how to fix or workaround the not-so-problem we are stuck with the log entries.

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Does this filtering supporss the errors for all users?   Does it keep the errors from showing up in the SBS Console where clients can see them and get the wrong impression?  

To disable WBCommandletInBuiltTracing that could be safely removed :
run (Windows + R) perfmon --> Go to Data Collector Sets --> Event Trace Sessions and disable the WBCommandletInBuiltTracing.