What is needed for cube rotating physic

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What I need for making 3d cube that is rolling under some force.
I dont want to use any physic engine. Just simple code.
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When it comes to physics simulations there is no simple code unfortunetely, its a pretty complicated matter, especially stable rotations and collision response needed in order to make the object _roll_.

However, if you want to ask the same question without 'simple' I'd be happy to point you to some great papers on that matter, but its not gonna be simple ;)

Agreeing with ikework, proper rigid body dynamics isn't simple.  If you want something simple you'd have to redefine the context.

If the cube can interact with anything else (other cubes, the environment, etc) then there needs to be collision detection and thats a whole other kettle of fish.

If this is just a cube rotating in a vaccuum, then you still need to deal with the axis of rotation, moments of intertia, etc.

The simplest case is probably a cube in a vaccuum using some sort of pivot based simulation.  Thats much simpler than the sort of physics you get from a typical 3D physics engine.
@satsumo I'm flattered, but repeating posts does not let you make many friends on a forum, plus it is unprofessional and against the rules. I kindly ask you not to do that. Thank you.


rigid body dynamics is keyword I'am looking for

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