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Is it possible to have Exchange failover (using SCR) to another Exchange that is outside of it's own domain? Can it only failover to another Exchange within the same domain? WHat about if the domains are in the same forest, and/or two domains setup with trusts?

I'm a noob at this and still learning, so I apologise if I am not making much sense.

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The SCR source and SCR target computers must be in the same Active Directory domain, but they can be located in the same or in different Active Directory sites.

This would be the document to read if you wanted the full explanation:

Good luck.  Haven't had to do it myself but definitely looks like you really better PLAN before implementing.  Lots of 'gotchas' in there if you dont plan properly.


Thanks mister, gonna check the link out now
How'd the info work out for you?


Yeah thanks buddy that helped but am following this video blog now which is really helpful as it gives me a visual perspective. I have to admit this whole thing is quite tricky but the knowledge that im (slowly) grasping is definitely valuable. As soon as it clicks, then another thing I can put on the CV!
hehe  Glad to hear it :)  always good to keep that CV updated :)

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