48 GB managed switch

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Need an advice buying a switch to cater for 2 servers, a NAS drive and 35 workstations. Requirements:

48 GB ports
vlans share the same internet connection, but are otherwise isolated

Also, what router would you recommend for it? Or could a Layer 3 switch do the job without a router?

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Serge FournierAnalyst Programmer
my only suggestion:
choose one with poe (power over ethernet)
in case you use ip phones in the futur

System Administrator
Top Expert 2011
you have many options in term of brand, i suggest you Cisco if you have budget, you can buy below mention for you.

Option 1
48 Port 10/100/1000 Network Switch
CATALYST 2960 48 10/100/1000, 4 T/SFP LAN BASE IMAGE
ADSL Router 800 series (4 10/100 Lan port, 1 adsl port)
Option 2
24 Port 10/100/1000 L3 Network Switch (For Server Only)
CATALYST 3750 24 10/100/1000 + 4 SFP + IPB IMAGE; 1RU
24 Port 10/100/1000 L2 Network Switch (For Users Only)
CATALYST 2960 24 10/100/1000, 4 T/SFP
ADSL Router 800 series (4 10/100 Lan port, 1 adsl port)

i would suggest you go with option 2.
its good to have seprate server switch, the switch i suggested is a layer 3 switch, you can configure vtp domain, vlans, load balance, stp,etherchannel and many more.

Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting
If you can't get cisco for cost reasons, I do vlans with netgear smart switches really inexpensively. I use sonicwall routers, tz series doesn't know about vlans so I send have to hookup two ports from the switch (one for each vlan). If you stepup to the NSA series it's vlan aware.
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Cost if definitely an issue for companies, if your company can afford it I would get a Cisco layer 3 switch like 3560 or 3750 with ipbase image.

Which one to use depends on your companys security plan. 3750 have modular powersupplies and you can have two installed and hotswap them if one fails. The other reason to use 3750 is that you can stack switches . By doing this it is easy to add more switches but you are also able to use crossstack etherchannel with eg. NIC teamin in VMware for performance and redunancy.
For a low cost option, look at the Netgear ProSafe GS748TS

If you have a budget for Cisco, look at the WS-C3560G-48TS-S
Syed_M_UsmanSystem Administrator
Top Expert 2011

any progress?
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
Top Expert 2015

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