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Linq and List

Does this look correct? I'm not getting any compiler errors, but I wanted a second set of eyes to look at it.

Is there another way of doing this without the CType ?

Public Shared Function GetTop5ThisMonth() As List(Of Entities.PromoCodeUsuage)
            Dim startDate As New DateTime(Date.Now.Year, Date.Now.Month, 1)
            Dim endDate As DateTime = startDate.AddMonths(1)
            Dim list As List(Of Entities.PromoCodeUsuage) = BusinessObjects.PromoCodeUsuage.List(startDate, endDate)

            Return CType((From l In list Order By l.Total Descending Select l).Take(5), List(Of Entities.PromoCodeUsuage))
        End Function

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Ok great, thank you!
You are Most Welcome