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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy tab, and part of the deal was to be able to download some movies from Samsung's movies site. I have downloaded several movies, but they won't play. Samsung help has been unable to resolve this. Can anyone there help?

I'm using XP SP3. Here's the problem I get:

If I click on a movie, Windows Media Player opens but I get the message "You do not have the rights to play this file. Go to the contents provider's web site to find out how to obtain the necessary rights:" If I go there, I get the message from "An error has occurred whilst storing the license on your computer (Error Number: - 2146823279. Please contact support"

Samsung apps help told me

"1.Solution 1

go to with Internet Explorer and run the update. Retest to play the movie afterwards

2.Solution 2

- Backup the files of the directory C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\

Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM
Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM
Windows 98: C:\Windows\All Users\DRM
Windows Millennium Edition: C:\Windows\DRM
- delete ALL the files in the folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\ as well as the files in the “Cache” folder beneath

- Retest to play the movie afterwards. If it doesn't work, restore the files which have been backuped before."

This didn't work. I told them

"Solution 1 gave the same problem after the update even if I rebooted after the update as the site suggested. When trying to play the file afterwards I also got an error message something like “You have reached the limit of licenses for this movie”.

Solution 2 is not possible – I am using XP and there is no folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM on my computer."


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Hello StuartOrd, I have not used this Samsung Galaxy so all I can add DRM problems could be caused be things like WMP needs updating to 11
then first time you run run it asks you sign a new DRM updating your license.

Which version of WMP do you have and do you have it enabled to update your license automatically?.
Note that the Player cannot download media usage rights automatically if the Download usage rights automatically when you play or sync a file option is turned off
(by default, it is turned on).
To verify that it is turned on, do the following:
Click the arrow below the Now Playing tab, click More Options, and then click the Privacy tab.
Verify that the Download usage rights automatically when I play or sync a file check box is selected.
Media usage rights are permissions to use a protected file in a particular way.
 For example, a content provider can grant you the permission to play the file on your computer (a play right)
For your consideration here is the MS details on DRM and what it means to you to do.
If all else fails it is down to the content provider and what you pay for.
Getting media usage rights (DRM playback rights) is a step which is
negotiated between the player and the content provider and what you pay.
Hope it assist you
have you enabled show hidden files and folders in the tools folder options>View
In order to see these system files please check you have unhidden them.

I'll give you this guide from MS may also assist you with a few extra steps
You may be unable to play protected content after your computer hardware changes


Bingo, you found the problem that had evaded Samsung apps help for a couple of months. Well done, thank you.
Thanks alsofor the helpful links. I know nothing about DRM but this gives me some useful links to learn about it.


Very helpful, has resolved months of non-help from hardware seller's "support"
Awe that's awesome I'm very happy it was that simple thanks
And all the best StuartOrd
Regards Merete

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