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I am very new to UNIX.  I would like to install a GUI like Fedora but want to be able to uninstall it if needed without messing up my current UNIX OS config.  Can you install GUIs like Fedora and uninstall gracefully?

I would also appreciate any suggestions on other GUIs for Solaris UNIX.

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For Gnome GUI, Solaris 10 has it already.
Check this article:
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1. Check if CDE login is running as an SMF service.
svcs cde-login

2. Disable CDE login (based on first command):
svcadm disable cde-login

3. If the svcs command responds that this pattern doesn't match any instances, then run these commands to stop CDE login:
/usr/dt/config/dtconfig -d
Either reboot, or kill any running dtlogin processes.

4. At this point you will be presented with a console login. Login as root, and run the following command.
svcadm enable gdm2-login
(for OpenSolaris)svcadm enable gdm
Please read through the article before you run those command.

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By the way, later version of Solaris 9 has Gnome GUI. You can choose Gnome or CDE at login screen
If your Solaris 9 doesn't has this option, then update to latest update version.


Can i run a "GUI like Fedora but want to be able to uninstall it if needed without messing up my current UNIX OS config"?
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The Gnome environment is installed on Solaris 10 and later version of Solaris 8 already.
You just need to login by choosing different desktop environment. No installation needed and you can quickly switch back,
So no uninstallation needed when you want to switch back,

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