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Getting an error 405 verb not allowed.

Hi, I am trying to upload a web application as a Facebook application. I have set the settings to read the application from from the application settings, but when i go to the app, the error occurs and the page is not loaded.
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Dave Baldwin
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What verb are you trying to use with what kind of page?  You can 'GET' a regular HTML page but you can't 'POST' to it.
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as far as i know, facebook is trying to post, im a newbie so i dnt know that much, ive tried changing the index.html to aspx as it worked for others, but its still not working
You will need to dig into the details and maybe the server log to see what is causing the error.  Details are important and just changing the page from 'html' to 'aspx' doesn't change how it functions.
this is the code i have in the index.php file

require 'facebook.php';

$facebook = new Facebook(array(
'appId' => '147934648609474';
'secret' => '03e977218638670799ce8d22bcbaabc6';
'cookie' => true;

$session = $facebook -> getSession();

echo = "Hello";


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That's nice but it doesn't tell where the error is.
pls find attached the error in detail User generated image
Have you installed PHP and it's handler on that web server?
i hav just installed PHP manager on iis7, however when i go to activate it it asks me for php-cgi.exe which i do not hav. In short i have this website, which can be found at, and i need to put it on facebook as an application. Now to test the application i tried using some sample, code such as the one i showed you before in index.php. However i am getting the verb error.
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Dave Baldwin
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i had PHP manager installed on IIS7, however i did not configure it well, thanks for the link, that did the trick.
Glad you got it running.