HDD is not working

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Dear All,

I have a Hard disk for a laptop that is not working. There was 4 partitions, now there is only one partition shown as unallocated.  I want to recover my data without formatting the HDD;  I tried with many programs but it reaches to a certain point and then stopped as well as the windows OS.
I tried to check for bad sectors, there was many bad sectors found. However, it reaches to 49%  then it stops..

Is there a way that I can still recover my data from the HDD.

Please advise......
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The fact that it only shows one partition is not good but I am curious how you know this does it still boot?
Try booting the laptop from a Linux live cd ' ubuntu' is normally very good for this type of data recovery.

If it has bad sectors use this program:
Get the HDD Regenerator software.
You will have to pay for it for it to fix all the bad sectors.
It fixes bad sectors on hard drives no matter what OS you are using.
Kelly W.
If the data is important to you, then my best advise would be to STOP trying to recover the data yourself, as you could actually cause further damage to the drive (especially if there is physical damage - which may be the case as indicated by the many bad blocks)

Seek the services of professional data recovery services suck as Kroll Ontrack - who have varying rates depending on the urgency of recovery.

There are other recovery providers worldwide, so choose one that is right for you.
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I would agree with roybridge but if you want to try it yourself I have been seccussfull with this program.

Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

Step 1, do a bit for bit clone of the drive using ghost or Acronis and work off that copy. Even better, make two copies and work off one.
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i use Hddregenerator myself - it has recovered several drives for me, diagnosed as bad, with bad sectors, etc..
that said - what it CANNOT do is repair/ recover PHYSYCALLY bad sectors, like when they are scratched
i also found it worked, when spinrite locked up, or did not run at all - and it runs faster
note that you have to connect the drive directly to Sata, or IDE ports - NOT over USB

if you need your data, these can help FFF (far from free), but cheaper than most :  http://www.gillware.com/       
I use Get data back it was well worth the 79 dollars and can access a dead hard drive
Any errors it finds just click continue
The good thing is it offers you a trial run it and see if it works then buy it.
You'll be so happy when you see all your files and stuff and then you have it forever.
It comes for ntfs and fat.
I used it on my USB 1 terrabyte drive and saved all my files videos photos music and stuff.
Only one thing to remember never backup from the same drive drive  you recover from.
Has excellent how to guides but if you need help just post back here.


Thank you all for your replay...

I will try your suggestions and replay to you.
ashraf2002 if you decide to test Getdataback, you will need to slave this laptop HDD to a desktop using a
laptop hard drive adapter  a 2.5-inch IDE hard drive to a 40-pin IDE cable.
Do you have a spare desktop there and does it have sata or ide?
Good photos here

You cannot backup from and to the same HDD.

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