dlcx_service failing to start, prevents printing

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I have a Dell XPS 420 computer, running Vista Home Premium, and
a Dell Photo 926 printer.  Communication between them is
often or usually very difficult to establish.  Dell techs have tried
to help me numerous times and for many hours on the phone.
All they can suggest is reinstall the OS, but I think there must be
a simpler solution.  Printing fails when the dlcx_service fails to start
when I boot up.  If the service starts, I can print. I joined Experts-Exchange
because there was an item addressing this problem in your records.  It suggests going to Properties in the service, and on the Recovery tab setting
"Restart Service after 1 minute" for both the first and second failures.  This,
in combination with a new cable between printer and cmptr, seems to have
reduced the frequency of failure some, but the problem persists.

I'd be so grateful for a true solution!  It seems one should be simple, as sometimes things work normally, and it seems clear that the problem is directly associated with the dlcx_service.  Thank you!
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Thank you very much, sekarc4u.  

Yes, I'd seen this solution and have tried
it.  Frequency of failure may have been
reduced some, but problem persists.

Thanks again.

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I am assuming you have tried the latest available updates for hte Printer software?

Might try renaming the file associated with this service, and reinstalling, to gauruntee that the service itself gets replaced...

Is there anything in the Event Viewer regarding this service?
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Thank you, john6767.

Yes, the Dell techs updated the printer software.

Yes, I should have included the following details from
the communication failure notice:

Event name:  APPCRASH
Applic name:  dlcxcoms.exe
App version:
App timestamp:  452d66c3
Fault module name:  ntdll/dll
Fault module version:  6.0.6002.1837
Fault module timestamp:  4cb73436
Exception code:  c0000005
Exception offset:  0004a118
OS version:  6.0.6002.
Locale ID:  1033
Additional info 1:  c453
Additional info 2:  abcc8f7853b48d9807d6d51eb1fa5df9

Some of these details change each time the service fails
to start.  I dictated them all to the most recent Dell tech.
He took them down, but, I think, paid no attention to them.

I probably should post my question again, including these details.

Don't know how to rename the file assoc with the service.

Many thanks!!!

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reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\dlcxcoms\Parameters" /v servicedll

If it returns a value "Not Foujnd", I might not have the service name correct. Navigate to the service name in services.msc, and double click it>Properties>Service Name, and replace dlcxcoms above with what you find.

Also, whats the Path to Executable in the Service Properties?

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Also, not sure of your comfort level with running diagnostic utils, but this is one of my favorite debugging tools. You can create a rule to monitor an executable, and it will monitor it for crashes and analyze the dump files it creates....

Debug Diagnostic Tool v1.1

For assistance with it....

How to Use the Debug Diagnostic Tool v1.1 (DebugDiag) to Debug User Mode Processes


Thanks, johnb6767!

I typed the command exactly as you wrote it, using dlcx_device.  Nothing found.

The Path to executable is:  C:\Windows\system32\dlcxcoms.exe -service

I'm completely ignorant, and so wouldn't be likely to try a diagnostic utility myself.

I don't see how to contact you directly outside of Experts Exchange.

Is it appropriate to ask you to post your email address here?  Or am I missing it
in some obvious place?

Many thanks!!!!

{email address removed for privacy  -- _alias99}
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My email address is in my profile, but we ask that all communications be done via this question thread.....

I would rename the C:\Windows\system32\dlcxcoms.exe, to C:\Windows\system32\dlcxcoms.OLD, and uninstall the printer software once more.

Then reinstall the printer driver, and this will make sure the service executable gets replaced.

Also, what does this command return?


reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\dlcx_device /s



Hello johnb6767--

Please excuse the days of no response!  I've
been swamped, with no time to write.

The command you last suggested returns no value.
(Is there a close-quotation mark omitted?)

I'm pretty much a novice at renaming, uninstalling,

I don't see your email address in your profile.  Are you
still available for outside consulting?  If so, please
contact me:  {contact info removed -- _alias99}

I'm very grateful for the resource of Experts-Exchange, but probably need
more direct guidance than the forum permits.  Again, if this is inappropriate to
suggest, I completely understand.  

Very gratefully,

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Nice catch, Thank you.....

reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\dlcx_device" /s
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email is 4th line from the bottom in the profile....

Shoot me an email. I will communicate anything sent that could assist in troubleshooting back to this thread, out of fairness to all others participating....


Thanks, johnb6767, and excuse me, please, again
for the slow response.

The revised command you suggested does return
a good deal of information.  I'm not sure which items
are critical, so won't try to copy them all here now.

I can do that later.  Meanwhile, I will email you.

Many thanks!

The problem with the dlcx_service failing to start was
resolved by running CheckDisk.

I want to most highly recommend "genius" john6767 (see his profile) for
wonderfully generous and effective help on the Experts-Exchange
forum and as a private consultant.  He is extremely knowledgeable, patient
and kind.

It is my very great good fortune to have become john6767's client, and I owe
many, many sincere thanks to Experts-Exchange for the opportunity to
work with him.

Thank you!!!!


john6767's help on the Experts-Exchange public forum and as a private consultant has been superb!

He resolved the problem I originally submitted, and has been extraordinarily helpful in further optimizing the performance of my computer.  I most highly recommend him as a consultant.

Thank you!

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