Outlook 2010 cannot connect to Exchange 07 , gives prompt box

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I have just rebooted my exchange , everything was working fine before & now outlook will not connect to exchange it seems.

I can connect via OWA, but not outlook. When I open outlook 2010 it asks for an authentication box. I put my logon details in there & it doesnt work & i dont get any errors, it just wont connect.

All servives seem to be connected from what I see.

Any ideas? It's quite urgent.
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Try reviewing an article composed by one of our members regarding what it sounds like you're describing.


Lots of questions need to be asked to narow this down but to sart I would suspect you IP possibly changed after reboot?  Check your IP info and make sure you have the ports on your switch open for that IP. Also make sure you are logging in with the right domain. When loggin in with Outlook log in with domain\username in the username box and then put in password.
Guys apologies for not getting back sooner. I got called away & didn't get a chance to update my post. I figured out the issue.

Now this is weird, but I had 3 different RDS's , 2 of them could connect fine, but the main apps was not able to. If it had of been all three I probably would have picked it up sooner. But it turned out that after I did some updates & rebooted exchange, the time on the exchange had gone back 1 hour.

After changing the time back on the exchange everything came good. So simple, but so disruptive to the network.


time sync was the issue.

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