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hongjun used Ask the Experts™
I wish to register myself for an internet domain.
Web hosting is hopefully one that provides ASP.NET, MsSQL/MySQL.

By the way, I am in Singapore.

Any suggestion?
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Imran Javed ZiaConsultant Software Engineer - .NET Architect
You have not sepecified any detail like web space and band width requirement and as well as ASP.NET and MS SQL Server  required version.
The best will be for you to do some comparison based on your requirements.  but you may find following helpfull.

Anything that is more "Singapore" would be nice - easier to contact.
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Have you looked at HOSTSG?  They have great pricing on budget hosting abd had all the functions you are looking for. cheack out the plans. 
Erdinç Güngör ÇorbacıPHP Development Team Leader

if cheap includes free :) ... i would suggest you

nice service
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

I use 1and1 and have never had an issue with php development. I can modify anything I want in php.ini and htaccess which I can't say for other hosts I've tried.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014

I don't like 1and1, they put up wrong error messages.
btw, i heard bad comments on godaddy.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014
Godaddy has imperfections but they are generally not bad for websites and they have both Linux and Windows shared hosting.  Email seems to be kind of slow at times there.  I think that is because they have so many customers using their dedicated email servers.
Most Valuable Expert 2011
Top Expert 2016
My experience with GoDaddy has been that if you need a response from their tech support (like when their data base server goes down, taking your site down with it, and they don't know about it because they are asleep at the switch) you may find yourself on hold, on a toll call, for long periods of time while someone completely unqualified to take your call tries to convince you that you caused the problem and they don't have any obligation to support web sites that use scripting languages.

GoDaddy advertises their service widely, with race cars and things like that.  They are a frequent salacious Superbowl advertiser.  You might ask yourself whether that has anything to do with their ability to run a dependable data center.  You might ask yourself whether your time is worth anything, because if you find yourself needing help, I can tell you from my own experience that GoDaddy may treat you as if your time is worth nothing.  And eventually the promotional "cheap" rates may run out and you will find yourself stuck paying full price for the cheap service.

So if you want "cheap" hosting you are likely to get what you pay for.  Like a cheap whore or a cheap haircut this approach to purchasing services may not have the outcomes you desire.  If you raise your sights a bit and decide that quality of service should be part of the criteria you may want to consider any of these.  The difference in cost among any reputable hosting companies will be no more than pennies per day.  In other words, price may be the last thing you want to consider as you make this choice.
Liquid Web
Host Gator

Best of luck with your project, ~Ray

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