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how to mount an accidentally unmounted external hard drive

I connected an ide drive from my old desktop to my new Win 7 desktop using a docking station. For some reason I remember being asked if I wanted to unmount the drive and I clikced yes.
But now I have tried connecting the drive with a USB 2.0 to IDE adapter and I cannot access the drive as it states in disk management that it is not initialized and I get an error when I try. Luckily, it will not initialize as I have learned I will lose all my data if I do. Is there a way to just remount the drive without initializing? And how do I get it to initialize when it tells me the device is not ready?
If I must initialize/format, I guess I will and then use data recovery methods to restore my file, but I would prefer not to if I can possibly get the drive recognized and readable.
   Disk Management screen with drive listed as not initialized  Initialize disk dialog box The device not ready error box
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