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How to proceed an action without opening the page that has the codes ?

Hey guys,

i have wrote a script where the client can chose from his settings page whither his invoices get paid automatically or he pays it manually.

If he chose to pay it manually then its fine he will click on the pay button there is no problem.

But what if he chose the invoices to get paid automatically ?

how am i going to proceed the paying code without sending a direct action whither it was $_POST or $_GET or even opening a php page that will read his id and pay the invoice from his own credits ?

in another way on asking this, can i send the server an automated action that gets read every 24 Hours, so that the server side will deal with all this alone without a client side ?

Please guys this is really important. thanks a lot for any help :)

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Ray Paseur

8/22/2022 - Mon