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Hello, I have a SBS 2008 machine that has a shared folder with multiple subfolders and more folders below that. There have been several people in it changing permissions, shares etc. At this point it is such a mess I would really like to start over and reset everything, all folders back to a default setting and start from scratch. If i remove the share from the root folder will it also remove it from all the subfolders? is there a way to force that down? Same with the permissions, is there any way to get a clean slate to start over?

thanks in advance...
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You can stop the server service to stop the server sharing these folders. Not necessary to delete the share because you need to share it again.
Then you can reset the ntfs permissions for files, folders in the root folder of the share an d in properties, security, advanced, change permission to the default you want, for example domain user, full control and then check replace files and folders permission in sub contained obhects. This will config permission for all the files and folders in your shared folder with a default permission.

To disallow users to change permissions for files or folders, you have to give the users the read and modify permission in shared permissions and only the admin the full control permissiob. Without full control users can add, del, modify files and folders, but not change permissions.



Will that also remove shares from the sub folders also? I have someone who has shared several folders under the root that I would prefer not be shared as well.

you can view shares in admin tools, file server resources manager if i'm right. Or in admin your server, locate the folder shares and there you can view all the shares and stop sharing with some clicks.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

First of all, how can a _user_ change permissions in the first place? Are they running as domain admins!?!

From there, Access-based Enumeration is the answer to having just one root folder shared and mapped.

Permissions on subfolders can be set such that users that do not have permissions do _not see_ those folders.



Thanks for the input. I was denied access over and over again and finally removed the share on one of the sub folders and the was able to take ownership of the entire tree and get the permissions straightened out.
The owner of the business has given the controller free reign over the server. She fancies herself a tech... not pretty...

Tanks for all the advice..

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