IE9 RC, read the value of the object updated in showModalDialog

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I encountered in some problem:

(1) save following code as file "temp.html"

    function NewClass() {

        var m_DDLB = null;
    var variable = new NewClass();  
    var retval = showModalDialog("temp2.html", variable);


(2) save following code as file "temp2.html"

var variable2;

          variable2 = window.dialogArguments;
      variable2.m_DDLB = new Array();
      var ddlbArr = variable2.m_DDLB;

      var doc = new ActiveXObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument");
      doc.async = false
      if (doc.parseError == 0) {
          ddlbArr["temp"] = doc.selectSingleNode("/root").cloneNode(true)


(3) save following code as file "temp.xml"


When I execute code from temp.html in IE7, message box shows me the content of temp.xml.

When I execute code from temp.html in IE9, I did not get anything and in debug mode I can see that the value of the variable.m_DDLB["temp"] in temp.html is

variable.m_DDLB["temp"]              "Permission Denied"
  description                                  "Permission Denied"
  message                                    "Permission Denied"
  name                                          TypeError
  number                                       -2146828218
There is some problem in security that is different from the same security rules defined in previous versions.
Moreover I found another issue(see the link below), that was sing as  already corrected by Microsoft in the build 9.0.8112.16416  (*)
I think that my problem is the same, but I am working with build 9.0.8112.16421, and the problem described in (*) was not resolved.
Please consist.


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1 - Not sure if your problem is still there with the final IE9

2 - IE9 is more strict than IE8 and 7 on security, else a possible difference in behaviour

What happens if you change
          ddlbArr["temp"] = doc.selectSingleNode("/root").cloneNode(true)
          variable2.m_DDLB["temp"] = doc.selectSingleNode("/root").cloneNode(true)

B-) Glad I could help. Thx for the grade and points!

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