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Access 2000 - Formula after running sum calculation

Dear Experts,

Can you please have a short look on the attached small database, basically its Orders table is created by a make table query for running sum calculation, cumulation the incoming order qtys.

My question would be the next step, in Query_Orders there is a weekly production limit as 200, and the target would be to determine which items can be produced next week. Currently the formula for that is ProduceOrNot: IIf([RunSum]<[WeeklyProd];"Produce";"NotProduce")

But the problem is the 5th record in the query, because the formula give "NotProduce" result of course, however there would be still place to produce not 70 but 60 pcs.

Do you have idea for a formula, which could give "Produce" result there, and only from the 6th record giving "NotProduce".


Microsoft Access

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