or mydomain.lan

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I plan to setup a new Network and windows server 2008 in a firm.
when i install servers like AD which Network structure is or mydomain.lan
if i setup mydomain.lan what do i need to expect?
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personally I use .local.  But technically .com is fine.  .lan as far as I am aware is not "ignored" as an internal domain and I guess could potentially one day be a registerable suffix, who knows.

See my guide here:
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I'm in full agreement with demazter.

While lan is not, currently, an in-use TLD (Top Level Domain) that doesn't mean it will always be such. The same could apply to .local, but given it's broad adoption it's extremely unlikely anyone will make it a public TLD. There are only a very small number of truly reserved TLDs, like .example (, none of them are very business-like.

The list of current TLDs is here:

Choosing something sensible is important (as demazter's article highlights). As an example, I've seen a number of domains using either .int or .ad in the past, they may seem logical, Internal and Active Directory, right?

int is reserved for organisations formed by international treaty (like NATO), and ad is Andorra, and will not be available unless you are a resident of that county. Endless fun if you're in the middle of an Exchange deployment and suddenly need certificates that'll handle internal and external access.


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