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Hi all,

I am using JQuery Mobile Datebox plugin.

More details here: http://dev.jtsage.com/jQM-DateBox/

You can popup the calendar by clicking on the button ... what I need to do is open the popup on page load instead.

Is this possible please?

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if the plugin you're using doesn't provide an option to open it programmatically, you could try to trigger an click-event on the button on page-load

  var button = $(<button-selector>);
You can do the following, assuming you have ONE (and only one) datebox per page:

$('body').ready(function() { self.open(); });

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Insert that at line 458, just after

		if ( input.is(':disabled') ) {

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Forgot to put on there that the file is jquery.mobile.datebox.js that you need to edit.

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