Laptop writing by itself

shariqsaeed used Ask the Experts™

From couple of days my laptop is writing & operating

by its own in program like word, Internet web pages, outlook etc.....

Suggesest me, how can i overcome from this problem.

Or if it is a virus, then recomend me any good free software or tool for virus removal .
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If it's writing incoherent things non-stop, you may have a hardware problem.  You most likely have a virus, though.

I'd recommend getting MalwareBytes, and additionally try out AVG.  


@ AdamRobinson,

It not writing non-stop, Fro your notice- it is happning even i am logoff the computer.

Iam using symantec Anti virus.

I once had a similar problem about 8 years ago. I found out after much messing around that it was actually a new speech-to-text program I had installed picking up on some mumblings and singing. As it wasn't configured for me, what appeared on the screen was complete rubbish -- I'd get confused, read it aloud to someone nearby and more complete rubbish would appear. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

This probably won't help, but it was the first thing to mind :)
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The problem is solved, Actually there was no problem at all.

Couple of days ago I have exchanged my wireless keyboard with my boss who use to sit behind my room, i forget to unpair that keyboard at that time, so The automatically text i was getting is from his end.


Hah.  That's great.  Glad you got it figured out.
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