Need an additional 5.99 PB

Nicola Siotto
Nicola Siotto used Ask the Experts™
I am now trying to copy a large file 4.2 GB from my old laptop into my new one. The problem is that before it even starts copying there is an error message that says "Need an additional 5.99 pb" Error message
Obviously it's a bug somewhere. Any help how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
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Petabyte, huh?

Definitely has to be a bug, like you said. Try compressing the file (WinZIP, et al.) first and then try running the copy job again to see if you get better results this way.
Head of IT
I wonder if this drive is formatted with fat32. The maximum individual file size on fat32 is 4Gb minus 1 byte. Therefore it is impossible to copy a 4.2 Gb file to fat32 drive.

If the drive can be reformatted, then going forward that will solve the problem, otherwise compressing the file as mentioned will allow you to copy it, assuming it compresses to less that 4Gb.

If you can, format the drive as ntfs (or use convert x: /fs:ntfs to convert without formatting the drive) which will give you a maximum individual file size of 16EB!
I agree with CSIPComputing - is your local drive formatted with FAT32?
Jackie Man IT Manager
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According to J Squared, it says:-

"...I was able to reproduce this by creating a shortcut to C:\Users\Username\Downloads and placing it on my Desktop. Attempting to unzip a large file or transfer a large .iso image from MSDN via Windows File Transfer Manager to the shortcut folder insisted that I did not have sufficient free space to perform the operation.  Copying or extracting directly to C:\Users\Username\Downloads worked fine."


I am now trying to copy a large file 4.2 GB from my old laptop into my new one. <- How do you copy? Is the file a ISO or ZIP file.
Nicola SiottoDirector


Confirmed the USD storage device is FAT32.
I will now try to transfer it's contents and reformat it as suggested and will let you know the outcome. Hope it solves the problem. Thanks!

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