eliminate duplicates and show the values on the columns for each non duplicate raws.

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I have excel source as below and the need to be summarized the result shown below.

Excel Source:
Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6  col7
1       abc   tt     null   88   9      null
1       abc   tt     2      null  null   null
1       abc   tt      null  null  null  null
3       fgt    hh    null   3      null  null
3      fgt     hh    2      null   1      null
4      kkl    jj       null  8      3       1
4      kkl    jj      3     null    null   null

so as the data set, the col1, col2, col3 need to eliminated it duplicates, what I require the result as below :

col1   col2  col3 col4  col5  col6  col7
1       abc   tt     2      3       9      null
3       fgt    hh    2      3       1     null
4      kkl    jj      3       8      3       1

please give me solution to this
thanks in advance

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somethinkg like :
select col1, col2, col3, max(col4), max(col5), max(col6), max(col7)
 from yourtable 
group by col1, col2

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otherwise, you also might want to read: http://www.experts-exchange.com/A_3203.html
Check the link below:


You have to do the following:
SELECT  col1, col2, col3,
 SUM(col4) as col4,
 SUM(col5) as col5,
 SUM(col6) as col6
FROM tbl
GROUP BY col1, col2, col3

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the answer is not enough
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what was not enough? can you explain?

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