Cannot delete stubborn pdf file

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Hello there,

i have a pdf file which i noticed on my d when i try to open it or delete it,the system says it cannot find it. i then tried unlocker,but it does not support 64 win 7,so i used lockhunter,this software runs,but cannot delete it too :(.how can i get rid of this pdf file.please help.
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Do you have Adobe Acrobat or Reader open currently? Are you able to press F5 on your keyboard to refresh this window in order to see if the file disappears?

Also, try deleting it from the command line. Start > All ProgramsAccessories > Command Prompt. Type in D: then click your Enter key. Then type in del 1188-3.pdf and then click the Enter key again to see if the file has been removed from the D: drive.



no luck.
adobe acrobat is not open
Looks like there is an illegal character at the end of the filename.  Try the following from command prompt:
del 1188*

Remember the wildcard.  This should fix you right up.
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I see that the file in question resides in a folder called Downloads. One sure way to remove the 1188-3.pdf file in question is to create a new folder under D: called Downloads1 and then move all files (except the 1188-3.pdf file) from the Downloads folder to the new Downloads1 folder. From the command prompt, navigate to D: and then type rd /s Downloads and then confirm the Are you sure (Y/N)? message with a Y response.

After the Downloads file is deleted (along with the stubborn 1188-3.pdf file), go ahead and rename the Downloads1 folder to Downloads.

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