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convert asp to .net

I have a application with a lot of pagesI want to convert from asp to .net

I have tried to convert it to with the program asp2aspx from Netcoole, but the code don't work, the big problem is the database connection. Can someone help me to convert these code to asp.net?

Im a beginner in .net
    connectstring = "server=testserver;Provider=SQLOLEDB;uid=sa;pwd=1234;Trusted_Connection=True;database=testdatabase"
    Dim rs
    Dim Conn

Class Datebase_Connections
	function connOpen()
		set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
		Conn.open connectstring
	end function
	function connClose()
		set Conn = nothing
	end function
end class

Set Connections = New Datebase_Connections

Call Connections.ConnOpen
sql="select top 10 * from users"
set rs=conn.execute(sql)
do until rs.eof
    response.write ("<br>Long:"&rs("login"))

Call Connections.ConnClose

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