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Recover data from a lost partition

What data recovery tool should I use? The latests good backup that we have is from 4/15.

One of our clients has a SAN whos controllers are having some communication issues. (We are working with IBM to get those sorted out) These issues caused one of the HyperV servers to lose the data on one of its partitions. Basically because the server could not reconnect with the partition it marked it as unreachable or corrupt. Upon reboot the server ran check disc and deleted all of the attributes for that drive. So now the drive/partition is accessible on the server but the data is not visible.
We've ran a scan using NTFS recovery 2.4 and can see all 1.3 TB of the data on that partition. But when running the recovery it hangs alot and is not recreating the proper folder structure.

So my question is does anyone know of a way to either 1, repair the NTFS table, so that the data will re appear in that partition? Or 2, a data recovery tool that will restore the folder structure and files?
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