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In my report i pass 3 parameters. I have added a checked listbox.  What i want now is, for each selected items of the listbox i need to generate the crystalreport ie, it should generate as each  pages in crystal report. Please help

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Mike McCracken

Are you able to produce 1 report?

If so just loop through the list calling the report for each checked item.

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Yes i can produce report. when i give direct to printer it displays all. but in crystal report viewer it shows the  page of only the last selected one. PLSS HELP
I don't follow the it shows the page of only the last one.

Are you trying to pass multiple values to a parameter?

I hope you are using a report viewer. A report viewer can show only one report at a time. Since you have gne through all the reports in List only Last is showing in the ReportViewer. I think you need to open multiple pages for each Report. In that case you will be able to view all the Reports.
how can i open multiple pages for each Report.
A report opens in its entirety.  If there a multiple pages then you just have to page through them.

Are you producing 1 report or is it really 3 reports?
If it is 3 reports then you have to have 3 viewers and assign a copy of the report to each viewer.

no i cannot say how many reports will be can be even 1000
If they must be opened as individual reports you could add a VIEW NEXT button to the viewing form and make the calling form wait until you click it to run the next value.

Can you pass all the values in and produce a single report that the user has to page through?

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