How do you stop a DNS Server from updating (or other method if there is a better solution)?

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We have a Dell Poweredge SBS 2003 server, which is our DC, file, print and DNS server (not exchange).

Recently, logins have been pretty slow. I know that this is down to DNS.

This server has two adapters. One is and one We use 0.100 for everything and 0.101 is not reachable (can't browse/ping) and seems to be useless however everything stops working when we disable it!

On DNS Management, I see a folder for the server, where there are two A records - one being 0.100 and one 0.101. I constantly delete 0.101 and then logins are quick but the server readds it at least every hour.

I don't want to sort out the adapter mess because the server will be replaced soon, but we need to make the logins quicker.

I also can't have the DNS Server stop updating (because client PCs are on DHCP) and don't want to use the HOSTS file (not convenient, machines wiped often etc)

Any suggestions?
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Is .101 used for routing? At command prompt, run 'route print' and see if it is used for a gateway or interface anywhere. What is .101 physically connected to? What is .100 physically connected to?
go to properties of the nic
choose ipv4
maybe choose advanced....dont know how the button is called in english
deactivate dynamic dns updates for this connections.

that may help
As deibel suggests this is because the NIC is re-registering the address with the DNS server (default behaviour).

For the NIC with the address:
Open Properties
Click in Advanced
Click on DNS
Untick 'Register this connection's addresses in DNS'
Click OK
Click OK
Click OK

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thanks for confirming my suggestion
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The better option would be to fix the problem. You say this is SBS 2003. SBS has to be configured in one of two specific ways.
A single NIC, and the server is connected to the switch similar to all other PC's
Two NICs where the server acts as a gateway for all PC's on the network. In this scenario there is a LAN and a WAN NIC, with the LAN connected to a switch along with all PCs and the WAN, a different subnet, connected to a modem/router

It is critical that SBS be configured with wizards. Some manual changes such as changing the LAN NIC's IP of the server will break most services and can even result in rebuilding the server. So long as you use the wizards there should be no problem but where you are having DNS problems, the basis of an Active Directory domain, I would recommend a full back up first. Then avoid changing the LAN NIC that is in use, manually disable the second NIC, and run the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard under server management | internet and e-mail. The wizard will reconfigure DNS, DHCP, and all incoming services with the correct addressing. If you should have to change the LAN NIC IP you MUST use the change server IP wizard.


I decided to go with RobWill's suggestion because I obviously don't want to have to rebuild server!

Thanks :)

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