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hi there expert
can some one tell me how can i make a simulator of windows xp or vista or 7even is there is a software that make this or this is a php or java program
yhnx for help
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What part of Windows XP/Vista/7 are you trying to simulate?

I am not sure where PHP/Java comes into this...   I assume a simple virtual machine would not suffice?

not vmware workstation or virtual pc i found in web this
 is this a software or php to make a a simulator like this

i mean a desktop simulate
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The site you have linked to seems to use simple JavaScript, layered static screen-shots of the Windows environment and inline frames (used to make it look like notepad and Internet Explorer actually work).  

what i want to know how can i simulate windows xp or.... or outlook is there a software can do this ?

in this site we can emulate outlook windows mail
To my knowledge there is no software that will automate the creation of a simulator.  You would have to manually take screen-shots of Outlook, every menu and every form you want to be able to simulate, size and crop them, and then write a page that will load and layer these images in response to the users' input.
The simulators at Bluehost use Flash Player.  Again you would need to manually take screen-shots of everything you wanted to simulate.  It may be a little easier to create/organise the layers in Flash and to hotspot (clickable) areas that the user would interact with.

i take a screen shot with vmware and then i work with flash is it
That would work; yes.  
but for outlook only how can i do
In exactly the same way.  Take screenshots of Outlook and crop and resize the pictures as necessary.  

For example in the BlueHost simulator the first page is a screenshot of Outlook.  Parts of this image have been made into clickable hotspots.  If you click on a hotspot it jumps to the associated frame.  So if you click on Tools it will jump to the screenshot with the Tools menu open.
thanks for help

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