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Hi Experts,

I need to somehow use a python script in a perl program.  I don't know python, so I cannot write the entire thing in python.  But, I want to use a python script that was written by someone else.

The python script accepts one input.

How can I do it?
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You would call it the same way you would from the command line just using the system function:
$Python = 'C:\\Python24\\python.exe';
$PyScript = '';
$Args = "arg1";
system("$Python $PyScript", $Args) == 0 or die "Could not execute script.";

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Or, similar to brutaldev's suggestion, call it with backticks to read the output of the Python script.

my $s = ` foo bar`;
print "Script returned $s";


Thank you very much.  One small question.  The system call does not take $inputfile as an argument to the script. Also, I had to remove the " " around $Python $PyScript.
What could be wrong.

foreach $inputfile (@inputfiles)
    system($Python $PyScript, $inputfile ) == 0 or die "Could not execute script.";
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If the argument is filenameone, it should be passed as it is. Not "filenameone".
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You are missing quotes:

You have:
  system($Python $PyScript, $inputfile )   <-- wrong

But should have something like:

  system($Python, $PyScript, $inputfile)

Though probably this will work if your Python interpreter has a file association for that extension.

  system($PyScript, $inputfile)


Thank you.

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