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Activation for Silent Install of Office 2007

Hello Experts -

We have a training room that we re-image the clients at least weekly.  Using Windows Deployment Services, we install Windows 7 Enterprise to all the clients and then depending on the topic of the training, we log on to the PCs as different users.  These users have Logon Scripts associated with them that installs the rest of the software silently.  For example, if we're doing training on Office 2007, we log into the PC with the username of Office2007 and then that software installs.  It's works very well EXCEPT the Office products always prompt for activation.  Is there a way to disable the Activation Wizard via a dummy product key, GPO, script, etc.  I don't like the users seeing that window.  

All software is legitimate and we're a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner so we're not trying to bypass licensing - we're just trying to use it in a Trial mode since it's going to be blown away in a matter of hours.

Thanks very much for help you can provide.

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