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I plan to install windows 2008 standard Active directory with null Failure.
Can some one help me with ideas?

If i m right i need to install two windows 2008 with active directory+DNS primary ,one of them primary the other one is
AD existing domain joined +DNS secondary.
is that correct or there is a other way?
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It depends on what you goals are but just one server with AD and Dns will also work.


my goal is :if AD1 fails then AD2 should service to network.
if i setup 2xAD on the diffrent machines   is that right?
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Install 2008 on first server, Promote as DC (this will be forest root server) Install DNS, If you want you can add more roles.
Install another 2008 server, Now add this server as additional domain controller, So if one server fails still you will be having fully functioning copy of AD database and users can still authenticate without any fail.

Please have a look at this link for step by step installation

"Good Luck"
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Then the best thing you could do install 2 servers with AD and DNS, make sure they are also both global catalog server.

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