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Hi Guys,

im currently writing a PHP system to do project and order management for a large number of companies,

I have a few requirements and not 100% sure best options any help  on any of the below would be greatly received

1) Heartbeat between multiple servers of the mysql database

2) Information can be entered at any server at any datacenter and the other servers will get the information relayed incase access to 1 data center goes down.

3) The system will have be kept upto date as it relates to Goverment proceedure which updates, do i make a multi user / company system from 1 database or do i do an installation for each of the 900 companies, if so how do i get updates of the PHP and SQL tables to the companies,

Best Regards
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The answer to this question may require about two years of study in engineering at the university level.  It would be a gross understatement to say there are a lot of moving parts, or a lot of risks in this kind of app development.

You can certainly have a distributed data base, or many distributed data bases, but at the design level, you really would be wise to hire a data base administrator (one with a few years experience designing large, distributed data bases that actually worked in production environments and kept running for a few years).  You could start your reading here and you would begin to get a feel for the kinds of issues that you'll face.

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