Windows 2008 server on Vmware ESXI 4.1 Host copying of files slow

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We have a windows 2008 Server running on a ESXi 4.1 Host within Vcenter.

The windows guest does run exchange 2007 server and has 1 xVCPU and 8 GB ram.

For some reason copying a 1 GB file from one folder to another on the same disk takes 5-10 minutes???

Server even becomes slow , but I cannot see any hit on CPU or Memory.

Any ideas?

Copying the file off to another server on the network only takes a few seconds!!
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
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Are you looking at task manager or VMWAre?  What type of drives are you running on the backend
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do you have two virtual disks on the same datastore?

or is it one virtual disk with two partitions?

what is the underlying datastore on the ESX server which hosts the Exchange virtual machine?

copying the file to another server, was this a physical server?


VM has two disks

one VMDK on Equallogic SAN (OS)
one raw mapping to equallogic SAN (Exchange DataStore)

Tried copying a file on C:\Data\1Gb.file to C:\TestCopy\

Had a look at taskmanager while the copy occured but nothing that stood out

SAN runs quite a few SAS 15k Disks in raid 5 (As recommended by Dell and equallogic)


No resolution yet - will investigate further

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