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Is there any internet monitoring software than can sit on the edge of my network and monitor in real time whats happening with my internet connection.

Ideally, I'd like it to show either a command line console or a GUI which shows traffic between my network devices and the internet.

I imagine it would sit in the network like so .... my network stuff -> monitor -> router

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If you router supports something like netflow (and even if it doesn't) you might want to look at PRTG:
One of my favorites.
Also, browse through this page: There's more to be found here that you might like.
Kerem ERSOYPresident

I'll suggest you MRTG. It is open source and free. It will access your router and get the current traffic through SNMP. Then it will graph it. It will show you momentarily, daily, weekly and yearly usage on nice graphics.

but you need some system which is turned all at all times and access your router in 5-min periods so that it can gather data. If you don't have this type of computer then you can talk to your ISP most ISP's have this type of trahic graphing available as a service included in your hosting package.

Here's the link for the MRTG:

The first page includes a typical MRTG graph.

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