List of users with SEND AS permission to a mailbox

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Any way I can get an output of this in Exchange 2007?
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You can use get-adpermission command to see who all has send as permission on a mailbox. Pls refer technet - for more details on command.


Sure, but how would I get an export of just SEND AS for Marketing? The link doesn't show how?

Get-ADPermission ......  | Export-CSV test.csv
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Ofcourse you can go to the Marketing user in Exchange Management Console and choose Manage Send-as permissions.
If you would like to get a output file use this command:
Get-Mailbox -identity Marketing | Get-ADPermission | where { ($_.ExtendedRights -like “*Send-As*”) } | Select User | Out-File sendas.log

Try the below

get-mailbox -identity exchangealias -resultsize unlimited | get-mailboxpermission | where { ($_.accessrights -eq "SendAs") -and ($_.isinherited -eq $false) -and -not ($_.user -like "NT Authority\self")} | ft identity,user -autosize | out-file c:\log\users.txt

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