from 2003 std to sbs 2011

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Is it possible to migrate from 2003 std domain without exchange server installed to Sbs 2011???
I am trying to do so following migration guides wrotten for sbs 2008 and get stuk at "Source server does not meet minimum requirements for migration."
Source server is 2003 r2 sp2 std , forest and domain level native
I have run adprep forest and domain and gpprep,  
As i mentioned there is no exchange server at the domain
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Did you raise the functional level of active directory to 2003? By default I believe it's set at 2000 compatible and this MUST be raised to 2003 native.


As I wrote the active directory level is set to 2003 native (Highest Level) both forest and domain
Ok, sorry I needed to check.

Also check your rpc service is using the Local system account, not a named account, and not the network account.

Then have a look at this sbs blog... Did you run the new migration prep tool on your source server?
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The answer to your question probably lies in the fact the SBS 2011 is built on Server 2008,  and probably requires a native 2008 domain to install.  If you do not want to upgrade your domain controller, you can still extend the schema on a Server 2003 DC to support Server 2008.

Look on the SBS 2011 disk to see if there is a copy of adprep on there.  Depending on whether your DC is 32 or 64 bit you will need to run a different version.
For 32 bit,  run adprep32.exe , if 64bit run adprep.exe


I extended the schema (that is what adprep does)
I did not run the migration prep tool because it will fail trying to install the update that is intended for sbs 2003 to extend the grace period to 21 days that allow to install a second dc on sbs domain.
(You may wish to back up your DC before doing this as any operation changing the domain could break a domain. Since I just bought SBS 2011 myself, I am running each of these steps on my DC to validate this)

Copy the "ADPREP" folder from the Tools folder on your SBS2011 DVD to your Domain Controller.
Assuming you are running a 32bit OS on your DC,  if not substitute adprep for adprep32,

Run "ADPREP32.exe /forestprep"  You will need to hit "C" and "Enter" to continue after reading the advisories.  This will take a wee bit of time.

Run ADRPEP32.exe /domainprep /gpprep  This will be much faster than previous command.


That is exactly what I have done
The extension of the schema pass succesfuly
But the mibration stops at :the source server does not meet minimum requirements.....
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Youbmust run the migration preparation tool. Yes, it will throw warnings because your 2003 server is not SBS, but the prep tool also writes data to AD that the migration wizard needs. Without that data, the source server DOESN'T meet the minimum requirements, thus the error is accurate.

As an aside, if I read your question correctly, are you wanting to run SBS 2011 without exchange?!? If so, why SBS???  2008 r2standard would be a better fit, or SBS essentials.

Also,  is your server 64bit capable?   The new SBS technically requires x64.


I said the source server has no exchange but I want to migrate to sbs with exchange !!!
I think cqaliher is right . I wil run the migration tool and try again


Problem solved!!!!
The new Migration  prep tool included in the sbs 2011 dvd is smarter than older versions.
There are no problems runnin it at a standard 2003 dc But it has prerequisites(power shell  and baseline somthing.
I installed the prerequisits and run the tool (no errors  ao warnings at all) and every thig went smooth
The points go to cqaliher
Thank You
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