An error prevents this program from continuing: Could not read SFX info

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Hi Folks,

I am working with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and I'm experiencing an ongoing issue with the roll out of the client to my workstations. Here is the breakdown:

Windows 7 64bit Professional as VM Host - Running VMWare workstation 7
Server 2003 Domain Controller - Virtual machine
Windows 7 32bit Professional - Virtual machine
Windows XP 32bit Professional - Virtual machine

I have installed the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager on my 2003 server (version 11.0.6200.754). My problem is that I cannot deploy the client to any of my workstations. I use the migration and deployment wizard, create the 32bit and 64bit clients but as soon as I attempt to install the client on ANY of my systems (virtual or physical) I get the following error:

An error prevents this program from continuing: Could not read SFX info.

It doesn't matter if I'm in my Server 2003 system, my 64bit Windows 7, 32bit Windows 7 or Windows XP environments, all of them give me the exact same errors.

This also occurs no matter how I attempt to deploy the client. If I deploy it via the Deployment wizard, it gives the error. If I attempt to manually install it from the Clients folder it fails. It also doesn't matter where I place it on my server. I have an open Shared folder on the server and a more private Technical folder and both of them fail.

Any idea's what I'm doing wrong here?

As a side note, we purchased the Endpoint licensing and I have yet been asked for a license code. Is this normal and could it be contributing to my issue? Thanks in advance.
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Technical Designer
There would no license file required for SEP, the license to use is on paper/certificate that you would have received from Symantec.

Check if the SEP met all the system requirement using "Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool"

Upload the SEP_INST.log from %temp%\SEP_INST.log here for further analysis



Hi SSharma,

I ran the tool and it did find some deficiencies in drive space. I am uploading the log as per your instructions as well.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical Designer

Did you tried copying the installer and then install the SEP?

The error logs shows the error related to "system cannot read" see below:

The system cannot read from the specified device.
MSI (s) (10:20) [10:05:11:184]: Note: 1: 1305 2: S:\AntiVirus\05-15-11\CCS-Antivirus_32-bit\My Company_CCS-Antivirus\Symantec AntiVirus.msi 3: 64

Note to all: I have yet had the ability to continue working on this issue, as it has taken a back burner to a critical server job. I will return to it by the end of July 2011, if not then please award SSharma all the points I have made available. I believe the answer to my problem lies in the size of HD space available on my test server. Once I have been able to create a new test environment and can work in my lab more freely then I will be able to return to the issue, until then I must focus on other more pressing issues.


I cannot commit the time to sorting this out right now. SSharma gave a great direction to search within and so deserves these points.

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