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I have my system administrator set up a WDS server in order for me  to work and test a WDS - Windows Deployment Server to get used to it and find out how it works. The problem is that he can do whatever he wants without having any problems with change some settings but me the IT Technician can't make any changes. I have asked him to check why i can't make any changes and he doesn't know why this happen.

Would you know if it had something to do with special permissions?

can you help with this issue?
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For most WDS functions, you need a lot of rights. Are you local administrator on the WDS machine and Domain administrator in the AD?

If not, ask for these rights.

If you can't get them, read the advanced documentation to check exactly what rights you need.


yes, I am part of aa local administrator group but not a domain administrator in the AD. I will talk to him and tell him that.

You said "read the advanced documentation" is that on the help file in WDS?
He can't add me as a domain admin due some policy in our company. Do you think we could used the Special Permissons to do that?


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I'm a bit busy today, but check out:


In short, it tell's you te be local administrator, domain administrator and enterprise adminitrator (Yes, then everything should work. It's what every software vendor tell's you).

It continue's to tell you where you need these rights for.

Hope you can go on with this information.



I will try it.


Please close this question.




please close this question.

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