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Math round double number (convert from scientific to real number)

Hi all

I have a mathematical method in java
that returns the following value = 1.1638387640158259E-107
How can I convert this number to double
eg..  0.000000000

Thanks in advance..

See code below for example method
varRaidus  = Function.calcRadioActiveRadius(t, startRadius, rateOfDecay);
gives 1.1638387640158259E-107
Which I cannot do any thing with.. 
expected 0.000000000

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How about taking the absolute value of varRaidus and compare less than a threshold.
if( abs( varRaidus ) < threshold )
    varRaidus = 0.0;
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I am not expecting the value 0.0...
I need to get some numbers..

eg.. 0.012333 or 0.0000000000000000000000000333

I need to get ride of the  "E-107"

The value I am curently getting is a sceintifc number..
which i dont need
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(I guess you must want to since deliberately reducing the precision rarely makes sense)
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I am getting 0.00 which I dont need
What are you going to do with it?
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Another question is

who can I prevent the method varRaidus  = Function.calcRadioActiveRadius(t, startRadius, rateOfDecay);
from outputing the sceintific format?

Given that the 3 variable are t = int  startRadius = double, rateOfDecay = double
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This number is sceintifc 1.1638387640158259E-107
I am looking for a standard value or double behind it

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Sorry I forgot my maths
You should use DecimalFormat to format a float to string.