Online + local back up solution for  2 x MS server 2008

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There are two server 2008 r2 std machines that I need to back up locally and online. I am thinking something like Acronis or Back-up Exec to the NAS (would I need a license per server), and then back upthe NAS to an Online Back up service. This is all planning stages, and neither software or hardware have been purchased yet. Any suggestions?

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1) you need to look into full vs. incremental, vs differential backups.

2) How much data changes daily /

3) How much bandwidth to the internet ?

Also see if any of these ( Symantec, etc ) offer services for online backups.

You can usually download a 30 - 60 day working version from all major players.

Also - What about bare metal restore option.

I hope this helps !
KarlSenior Technical Consultant
From experience, Acronis is good at backup to a NAS but your online choices will be dependent on how much data and as sysexpert says, how much changes and if your client needs to use an approved service as are required by things like Financial Advisors. GFI are offering online backup now, in the past a lot of the offerings were relatively unknown companies so you took a chance that they might go bust like has happened with some of the Mail archiving services.

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