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Executable in .cpl VIsual Basic

I wonder how to create an executable file in VB6 in the format ".cpl"
I saw several models in delphi, but not in VB.
Now, thank you.
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It can't be done in VB6 - you have to use C++
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Try renaming the file type from EXE to CPL
.cpl files are renamed .dll files, not .exe files (and they are not ActiveX dll's, so can't be created from VB)
In the linked article:
Windows Vista finally breaks free of the DLL limitation and allows you to embed the Control Panel functionality in your .exe file.
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If you try to rename failed, and the link above does the information on how to create in vb: (
Try a wrapper for your VB6 program, like this one:
Control Panel Wrapper 1.0: 
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If it's your own applet that goes to system32 folder and note this:

Legacy CPL elevated mode

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